Wild Cherry Spoon Co.

Davenport, Iowa

Who We Are

MacMade Woodcrafts is a premier, high-quality provider of wooden products located in Davenport, IA. Led by owner, Tim G. McGuire, MacMade has been a leader in environmentally, safety conscious products for the past several years in the Midwest.

Asked why the urge to create a company driven towards these goals, Tim answered;

"Most of our goals have been inspired by the family and friends around us. The need for fresh, clean air - or the need to have a safe toy that you're not afraid of a child putting in their mouth, the need for bookcases that aren't MDF and fall apart on you or don't assemble correctly. That's what drives us!"

All of the products at MacMade Woodcrafts are crafted by hand. What this means to us is not that we cannot produce a large quantity of any given item; rather that each item is given individual attention in the process of being produced in mass. MacMade Woodcrafts is very capable of filling large, small, or custom orders and has done so many times in the past.